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Welcome to Donegal Food Service Department
Donegal Food Service Department Mission Statement:
To support the District mission by providing nutritious, high-quality meals at a reasonable price in a pleasant manner by well-trained staff while meeting all Federal, State, and local regulations.
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Go to WWW.EZSCHOOLPAY.COM to manage your child's meal account. It is FREE to check their account balance, view meal activity and receive low balance reminders. A fee of $2.85 per transaction is charged if you make a credit/debit card payment into your child's account. Call 492-1223 if you need your child's Student ID number or have any questions. Online payments are available to students within 10 minutes of entering a payment.


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By Kelly Price

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serving over 377,000 meals annually!

Donegal School District Food Service Department: 

We have four schools within our district with full-service food production kitchens. The District participates in the National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs, Federally funded programs which makes affordable, nutritious meals possible for today's youth.

Donegal Student Wellness Policy:

The Donegal School District Wellness Policy is available on our District web site. You can view it by clicking on the Wellness Policy Icon to the right. The Student Wellness Committee is always looking for group members who want to help in the development, review, updating and implementation of the student wellness program. If interested, or for more information contact:

Kelly R. Price RD, LDN 

Director of Food Services 

(717) 492-1221


"Charging" Lunches 

Each year, students forget, lose, and misuse their lunch money. For this reason, the Board adopts the policy to govern situations when students do not have lunch money or when their lunch accounts have insufficient funds.

The Board shall permit students to incur reasonable charges for meals and parents/guardians shall be contacted for payment. 

Unpaid lunch charges for a student shall result in the school withholding the final report card until the charges are paid in full.

The District shall inform students and parents/guardians in writing of the District's policy regarding meal charges. 

Meal charges are allowed as follows:

1. Grades K-6 up to ten (10) lunches maybe charged. If no payment is received by the 10th lunch, a "mini meal" will be provided for lunches 11 through 15 or until past due amounts are received. (No lunch will be provided to the student beginning with the 16th day until past due amounts are received). 
2. Grades 7-8- Two (2) lunches may be charged. If no payment is received after the second lunch, no meal will be provided 
3. Grades 9-12th- NO CHARGING ALLOWED.
5. Charging is not permitted for breakfast or a la carte items at any grade level.

1. The District will attempt to collect for checks returned for insufficient funds. Following receipt of two (2) returned checks, the student will be required to pay cash for all lunches. The District will utilize the Lancaster County District Attorney's Bad Check Restitution Program to collect the money from "bad checks". 
2. If a balance remains outstanding at the end of the school year, the District may contact a collection agency to collect the outstanding amount.